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Solomon Capital Group

Business  Services

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We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

What We Do

Over the years, we have provided our customers with over 600  most professional Business/Strategic plans, firm valuations, and economic reports.    Our advisory services provided a basis for capital mobilization, growth, or restructuring programs. 

Business Advisory Services


We act as a cross-border investment banking advisory firm, for medium-sized companies looking for $10-250 million as private equity, public offering, debt transactions or financial restructuring.


We are offering a comprehensive solution for Mid-Market clients. Our capabilities are vital for buy-side and sell-side advisory, 

Investment Banking Advisory Services


At Solomon Capital, we have taken the time to build strategic, professional, and high-quality collaborations with emirates business leaders.  [banks, investment companies, major service providers and distributors], as well as a close relationship with senior officials from various governmental institutions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. and Bahrain.


Act as advisors to ISRAELI Mid/Large corporations and financial institutions. We and our Emirates partners provide end-to-end services which include developing an appropriate business model, locating the right partners, and building the right entity.


M&A (Sell/Buy)

Act as M&A advisor for ISRAELI, Mid/Large corporations, and financial institutions. We and our Emirates partners provide end-to-end services starting with the preparation of an offer, searching for the right candidates, and providing ongoing advisory services. 

Business Development Services


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Top Management Advisory Services 


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